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This is a selection of those received after the Events we ran last Summer:

Jackie Graham, St. Paul’s PS, Ryhope, Sunderland …
“It has been a fantastic project bringing boys and girls and all abilities together. It has united the children as a team, and they have learned some wonderful and often complex skills. I would highly recommend the project to any Teacher. I can’t speak enough how their involvement in the Skipping Festival has raised the self-esteem of certain children. They thoroughly enjoy being part of a team, and it’s wonderful to have a large number of boys and girls working so well together. The whole school has been supportive of our efforts, and it means a lot for us to take part in the project”

Children from St. Paul’s …
Thomas - “I really improved my skipping”
Robyn - “I never thought I’d like skipping but this has encouraged me”
Harry - “When I started I wasn’t very good at skipping but after this I’m a lot better”
Sarah - “I never thought I could do a crossover but now I’m really good”
Brandon - “I like how you can get a certificate even if you don’t come first”
Dean - “I think my skipping is better than last time“
Ben - “I thought it was really fun and the other schools were brilliant too”

Ivan Wigham, Barnes Junior School, Sunderland …
“The experience was very worthwhile. The progress made by all the children involved, not just the team, was excellent, and it took skipping into the playground and encouraged other children across the whole school. The Festival was a very enjoyable experience. The children were very much engaged and enthused by the whole experience, enjoying all aspects from the training to the Festival. Many became inventive and experimental”

Mrs. Howe & Miss. Richardson , Castleview PS, Sunderland …
“ We found the whole project extremely beneficial to the children’s fitness and motivation for exercise. The initial training from Nick Brennan the Coach was well delivered and excited the children. We thought the Festival was very well organised and highly enjoyable”

Children from Castleview …
Shauna - “it was really good fun”
Kristie - “really really good”
Molly - “really good and exciting”
Cory - “I liked learning new skills especially the cris-cross”

Kaye Thompson, Hill View Juniors, Sunderland …
“I have never in my last 5 years of teaching seen a group of children who are so enthusiastic or ‘fired up’ about an activity. They have been so willing to give up their free time to practice, and every break time all children have had a pair of skips in their hands. This in turn has rubbed off on the other year groups and this can only be a health benefit for those children”

Dorothy Horne, St. Anne’s School, Sunderland …
“It was lovely to have an activity that ALL the children could access and achieve success whatever their skill level. The visiting Skipping Coach Jodi was inspiring and certainly made the children feel motivated and encouraged”

Ann Meik, St. John Boste PS, Sunderland …
“The pupils in our School thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Festival. Skipping has become a regular playtime activity with lots of more children becoming involved because of the competition”

Karen Dunlop, West View PS, Hartlepool, Teesside …
“The skipping project introduced children to skills they probably would not have taken the time to learn themselves. The ‘skip-dance’ was great for co-ordination, co-operation and sense of timing. For me it was really enjoyable watching children who couldn’t skip learn to do different skills”

Catherine Gelder , Holy Cross PS, Wallsend, North Tyneside …
“A super experience for pupils to learn new skills and have time to practice for a main end event. The children were all really excited about taking part and having the challenge against other schools”

Gemma Bonham, Seaton Sluice Middle School, Northumberland …
“Very well organised event as always, and the children were engaged throughout. They really enjoyed the festival and their enthusiasm for skipping has been amazing. As an event the Festival is an excellent opportunity for children to share what they have been doing, and even after the event they can’t stop skipping”

Jackie Aitman, Northburn PS, Cramlington Northumberland …
“The project is excellent and encourages children to exercise in a fun and active way, and all abilities can join in. All the children benefit from healthy exercise, and they all want to improve their skills in a non-threatening environment. It increases the children’s stamina, suppleness and strength and the Festival is a fantastic and worthwhile event”.

Mrs. J. Murphy, St. Peter’s PS, Elwick, Nr. Hartlepool, Teesside …
“Pupils are so enthusiastic about skipping, and don’t need any encouragement from me to practice their skills. It’s a great way to get all children involved event those who can be reluctant when it comes to PE and Sport. Pupils love the fact that they are all involved, and love practicing especially the ‘skip-dance’. For me seeing the children practicing on the yard enthuses our younger children who are all starting to skip and practice skills much earlier”

Rowan Chambers, Windmill PS, Leeds …
“I really enjoyed this project – it was accessible to all pupils and they found it very engaging. They really enjoy keeping fit through skipping in the playground – would definitely do this again”

Natalie Smith, Benton Dene PS, Newcastle …
“A fantastic experience ! The children loved both the competitive side and being picked as the ‘best’, as well as the ‘skip-dance’. I have seen improvements in attitude and behaviour from children who have attended. I have also had great fun and it has given me new challenges as a Teacher”

Ryan Longstaff, Balliol PS, Newcastle …
“I think this scheme is an excellent way to show children that all exercise and competition doesn’t have to be a ‘sport’, and helps engage those who excel in skills such as skipping. They loved it as it was a way of keeping fit and healthy without thinking about it”

Mrs. J. Hebron, Amberley PS, Killingworth, Newcastle …
“The pupils thoroughly enjoyed training for this Event, they were keen and enthusiastic to develop new skills. Every child made very good progress, and it was good to see the children working co-operatively with a partner and as part of a team. They loved training for the dance and skipping to a rhythm. The children felt a great sense of achievement and satisfaction in terms of their improvement during training time. They thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Festival and were very proud of themselves - they really rose to the occasion. Many of the children have skipped in front of the whole School, which has also raised their self-esteem”




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